Single Stream Funding (SSF)

Main components of project

Picture SDA 1 Picture SDA 1

SDA 1: Scale-up of PPM DOTS service delivery though private health care providers

The private providers have been involved in delivering quality DOTS services through interventions carried out under the GF Round 3 grant in five major cities of Pakistan. The experience of Round 3 grant is further refined and expanded through these interventions in urban areas of 66 selected districts of Pakistan including further expansion in five metropolitan cities (Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Rawalpindi) already targeted through Round 3. The interventions focus on urban areas targeting 25-27 private healthcare providers and an average of four laboratories per district, mainly targeting

Picture SDA 2 Picture SDA 2

SDA 2: Enable a network of 29 parastatal hospitals to deliver quality TB care

There is a large number of parastatal organizations delivering healthcare services through their hospitals where TB DOTS program has not yet been implemented. The parastatal organizations are autonomous bodies with independent health services and provide free care to employees and their dependents. Each organization has multiple health facilities mainly in urban settings. The organization provides these services through hospitals, which are under the administrative control of the organization and don’t come under the domain of the federal or provincial health departments. These parastatal

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